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Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Plant extracts, Food additives,Medical apparatus

Our service flow of supply chain management

supply chain management flow-herbinspection-pre shipment inspection,factory audit

Authentication audit
Social & environmental
GMP audit
Quality system audit

Ensure the sample meets all your specifications.

Ensure all your requirements are understood and being met

Ensure the mass production follow original specifications.

Ensure that your order was filled successfully, before it’s dispatched

Ensure all packaging material contains the correct barcodes, labeling, and packing materials.

Supply chain management services by Industries

4 steps to order supply chain management

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Online chat to confirm date and period,if we are offline, send email

Click shop,add specific supply chain management service to cart,checkout with paypal

We do inspection/audit/lab test, and other services on your schedule date.

You receive the report on the same day when we finish the inspection/audit/lab test.

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Help you to find the right qualified supplier with our suppliers database, to guarantee your supply chain management

Help you to register your branch office in china-turn key solution

English-Chinese, documents,video,onsite business trip translation

Help you to find the right qualified employee who know well of knowledge of supply chain management and others

Plan, guide your Chinese trip,transportation and accommodation. On-site translation

china supply chain management advantages-china supplier audit-herbinspection-GMP senior experts most experienced inspectors

Advantages VS competitors

china supply chain management advantages-herbinspection-china supplier audit-GMP senior experts most experienced inspectors
supply chain management advantages-china supplier audit-herbinspection-best price ratio-lowest price-cheapest free service

Simple, All-Inclusive Pricing-supply chain management

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Product Inspection $299

per man day

Supplier audit program $589

per man day

laboratory testing Instant Pricing

per test

Business consultance Instant Pricing

per project

Inspections & audits pricing-supply chain management

Auditor / Inspector transportation, Meal and accommodation expenses
Overtime, weekend and holiday services, also for other related supply chain management services

The Best Lowest price of supply chain management service

If you find same supply chain management service content with same industry same products types with lower price anywhere on the internet,we refund the gap cost immediately. We guarantee you enjoy the best service with lowest cost.

No-question, No-RISK Refund policy

FREE to cancel booking of supply chain management services and get refund(24 hours in advance),no responsibility,no questions

china supply chain management-china supplier audit
  • n2

    Their online ordering process is great and quick. The supplier audit process is professional and fast. It make me have much more confidence of my supply chain management and business with my supplier. Highly recommend herbinspection!

    David Poole
  • sino1

    I have worked with several inspection and auditing agencies over the past ten years.I have never met one that is more professional and efficient than herbinspection! High efficiency,fast online chat service to solve your concerns.I highly recommend it to you.

    Christian Zhang
  • MI

    It really cost me too much to fly to china to audit my supplier. You save me money. Frankly speaking, you have better knowledge of GMP, ISO and supply chain management than me, your audit report do help me this time. Now we’ve increase the cooperation with the qualified supplier now. 

    Irina Ivanov
Types of products inspected
Supplier audited
Defects reported

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