China supplier audits

China supplier audits is a critical business practice for companies that increasingly outsource business processes to strategic partners and have increased reliance on supplier’s products and services. The china supplier audits process ensures that suppliers are continually performing at or above the levels outlined in procurement contracts.

Why you need China supplier audits?

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•To identify and hedge against quality, operational, structural, security and ethical risks 
•To verify that your china supplier’s quality management system is suitable for your supply chain
•To get a full picture of your supplier’s sourcing and operational policies
•To ensure safe and ethical working conditions in your china vendor audits
•To comply with statutory requirements for structural safety, ethical compliance, quality management, environmental impact and security
•To protect your bran reputation

Main types of China supplier audits service

Company authentication Audit

An effective company authentication audit before the PO confirmation will enable to select a qualified supplier and screening out cheaters.

GMP Audit

GMP compliance is the basic requirements of health industry, it will enable to assure all the products are produced with a good manufacturing practice and quality control.

Social and environmental Audit

The purpose of it is to ensure the supplier possess a sustainable development basis to have long term cooperation. 

Quality management system audits

A state-of-the-art QMS of the factory is to ensure the continually improvement of all activities related to the manufacturing and distribution, and make the product quality control and regulatory compliance.

Custom-tailored audits

We are able to make supplier site audits according to Customer’s tailored requirements.The report template could be customized by yourself.

Random sample testing

Lab testing of samples that randomly selected from supplier before PO confirmation is the most direct way to identify the quality of product as well as the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Which industries we do China supplier audits?


APIs,excipients,API intermediates,formulations.(tablets, capsules, powder, cream)

Plant extracts,Nutri ingredients

herb ingredients,standard herb extracts,ratio extracts,fruit and vegetable powder

Food ingredients

food additives,food Ingredients,food colors,food flavors,sweeteners

Medical apparatus

Medical consumables,medical devices,medical equipments,medical disposables

Important parameters of industries for China supplier audits

Pharmaceuticals-China supplier audits

• ISO Certifications
• cGMP
• Documented Quality Policy
• Packaging and Labelling Standards
• Premises and manufacturing facilities

Pharmaceuticals/Chemicals-China supplier audits

• ISO Certifications
• Documented Quality Policy
• Packaging and Labeling Standards
• Premises and manufacturing facilities

Food ingredients,herb extracts-China supplier audits

• ISO Certifications
• Kosher
• Halal
• cGMP
• GMO free declaration
• Documented Quality Policy
• Packaging and Labelling Standards
• Premises and manufacturing facilities

Medical apparatus-China supplier audits

• ISO13485 Certifications
• CE
• Sterilization
• Documented Quality Policy
• Packaging and Labelling Standards
• Premises and manufacturing facilities

Business background

Company overview

Premises and equipments requirements

Storage areas management

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Materials management

Manufacturing management

Quality control and management

Documentation Records

Main contents of China supplier audits report 8 parts in compliance with GMP

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China supplier audits advantages VS Competitors

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    It really cost me too much to fly to china to audit my supplier. You save me money. Frankly speaking, you have better knowledge of GMP, ISO and supply chain management than me, your audit report do help me this time. Now we’ve increase the cooperation with the qualified supplier now. 

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