China pre shipment inspection

China pre shipment inspection, also called the final random inspection or finished quality control, will take place when at least 80% of the products are ready and packed. However, you can specify if you want 100% of your order to be ready for this inspection. The pre-shipment inspection will take place at the factory.In some cases, it could even take place at the forwarder’s premises or at the pier.

china pre shipment inspection

Why need China pre shipment inspection?

Verify your goods before they are shipped
Approve final payment in confidence
Refuse the order if it does not meet your requirements

What is checked for China pre shipment inspection?

Conformity to specification china pre shipment inspection

All the relevant aspects of the product are controlled: quantity, components, assembly, aesthetics, function, size, labeling, package, etc. There is checklist listing all the specifications of the product to inspect, which is made by you and us together.

Discover the defects china pre shipment inspection

Discover the types of defects, and what percent of products have defects.Based on the sampling plan, the inspector selects a predefined number of products at random. 

On-site tests china pre shipment inspection

Depending on the type of products, certain tests are included in the inspector’s job. The inspector check by his eyes about the real results of factory’s final quality.

Which industries we do China pre shipment inspection?

Pharmaceutical,chemical china pre shipment inspection

APIs,excipients,API intermediates,formulations.(tablets, capsules, powder, cream)

Herb/Natural extracts china pre shipment inspection

herb ingredients,standard herb extracts,ratio extracts,fruit and vegetable powder

Food ingredientschina pre shipment inspection

food additives,food Ingredients,food colors,food flavors,sweeteners

Medical apparatus china pre shipment inspection

Medical consumables,medical devices,medical equipments,medical disposables

4 steps to order China pre shipment inspection

supply chain management service order flow checklist, pharmaceutical chemical botanical herbinspection

Online chat to confirm date and period,if we are offline, send email

Click shop,add specific supply chain management service to cart,checkout with paypal

We do inspection/audit/lab test, and other services on your schedule date.

You receive the report on the same day when we finish the inspection/audit/lab test.

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China pre shipment inspection advantages VS Competitors

china supply chain management advantages-herbinspection-china supplier audit-GMP senior experts most experienced inspectors
supply chain management advantages-china supplier audit-herbinspection-best price ratio-lowest price-cheapest free service
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    I have worked with several inspection and auditing agencies over the past ten years.I have never met one that is more professional and efficient than herbinspection! High efficiency,fast online chat service to solve your concerns.I highly recommend it to you.

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    It really cost me too much to fly to china to audit my supplier. You save me money. Frankly speaking, you have better knowledge of GMP, ISO and supply chain management than me, your audit report do help me this time. Now we’ve increase the cooperation with the qualified supplier now. 

    Irina Ivanov

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