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Safeguard Your Supply Chain In China

Pharmaceuticals | Chemicals | Plant extracts | Food additives | Medical apparatus

Herbinspection is a brand of AVL international group limited.It was registered in Hongkong in 2012.We have offices in Suzhou and Nanjing city.

Nowadays, supply chain management becomes more important.It even affects whether a company can compete in his market.A good command of supply chain could make the company easily stand out and win more market share.Together with global business and pressure of cost down, more companies opt more suppliers in China.

How to control the quality ? How to control the supply chain better? It’s best to have an eye in your suppliers’ side. Now, we are your eyes in your supply chain. We do factory audit, sample test, pre-production inspection, during-production inspection,pre-shipment inspection,container loading inspection. All these ensure you get the right products you ordered and avoid quality defects.Lower cost plus great quality will guarantee your business success.

Chinese Business Consulting

Sourcing supplier | Office registration | Translation |Human resource| Business trip accompany

In today’s shrinking world, doing business in China is a vital consideration for any business competing in the global marketplace. To truly succeed, it’s essential for companies to grasp the many chances of the complicated business culture in China. However, without having years of experience and an established presence in the region,this is nearly impossible to achieve.

That’s why we offer business consulting service. We are born in China and doing business in China for so many years.That’s why we can execute the most efficient processes on our clients’behalf, including but not limited to:sourcing the right suppliers,set up your own branch office in China, recruit the right employees,accompany you in business trip,do onsite english translation and documents translation.

Your direct representative office in China

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Ask How we safeguard your supply chain

We offer the whole supply chain management service, including suppliers sourcing,supplier background survey,factory audit,sample testing.After your PO placed with supplier, we do pre-production inspection,during production inspection,pre-shipment inspection and container loading test.All these procedures above can safeguard your total supply chain in China.

Ask How get started and all steps

Only 4 easy steps.
1).Chat with us online or send us email to confirm your product,date and period.2)Visit online shop,add service to cart,check out with paypal. If without paypal account, just do T/T transfer. 3)We do inspection/audit/lab test on your scheduled date.4)You receive the inspection/test report on the same day when we finished inspection/test.

Ask what industries we serve

We focus on below fields:
1)pharmaceuticals,chemicals:APIs,excipients,API intermediates,formulations.(tablets, capsules, powder, cream)
2)Plant extracts,Nutri ingredients:herb ingredients,standard herb extracts,ratio extracts,fruit and vegetable powder
3)Food additives:food additives,food Ingredients,food colors,food flavors,sweeteners
4)Medical apparatus:medical consumables,medical devices,medical equipments,medical disposables

Ask Price and payment terms

We offer simple-all inclusive pricing. The whole package including :auditor/inspector transportation, meal and accommodation expenses,overtime, weekend and holiday services.There is no additional fee charged.
Payment should be made at least 3 days ahead of the inspection/audit. Currently, we also have monthly/quarterly/annual VIP inspection service package. For more details, please ask your dedicated representative for details.

Ask for sample report

We provide sample reports for free download.Just subscribe here to get free access. Our reports are very detailed, illustrated with text, pictures,figures and videos. The reports main content fields for inspection are shown here.The reports main content fields for audit are shown here.

Ask how export to China

We know how difficult for you to export and enlarge your business in unknown China market especially when there is great language barrier.We offer China office registration, translation, human resource and business strip accompany services. All there will solve excellent the language,law,culture,geography barrier.You only need to focus on your products and target clients. All other are leave to us to fix. 

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Advantages VS competitors

china supply chain management advantages-herbinspection-china supplier audit-GMP senior experts most experienced inspectors
supply chain management advantages-china supplier audit-herbinspection-best price ratio-lowest price-cheapest free service
  • n2

    Their online ordering process is great and quick. The supplier audit process is professional and fast. It make me have much more confidence of my supply chain management and business with my supplier. Highly recommend herbinspection!

    David Poole
  • sino1

    I have worked with several inspection and auditing agencies over the past ten years.I have never met one that is more professional and efficient than herbinspection! High efficiency,fast online chat service to solve your concerns.I highly recommend it to you.

    Christian Zhang
  • MI

    It really cost me too much to fly to china to audit my supplier. You save me money. Frankly speaking, you have better knowledge of GMP, ISO and supply chain management than me, your audit report do help me this time. Now we’ve increase the cooperation with the qualified supplier now. 

    Irina Ivanov

Why we build HerbInspection?

What quality accidents we met for supply chain in 10 years trading experience?

How we do tests in laboratory?

How is the ingredients, APIs, extracts are tested in laboratory,watch 1 min video.

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